Buying My First Condo in Singapore

February 26th, 2017

My company recently asked me to relocate to Singapore. I was glad that I was given this opportunity, because it meant that not only would I get a raise, but I’d be able to explore a place that I had never been before. As part of their relocation efforts, they offered to help me purchase a condo that would be close to work. I went online to see what I could find and was pleasantly surprised by all of the new construction in the area. One of the first websites I visited was There were so many different options for me to view.

One of the buildings I viewed with absolutely stunning. The architecture on the outside and on the inside was really pleasing to look at. It had a modern feel to it, but there was also something very classic about it as well. Continue Reading »


I Needed to Become More Experienced at What I Do

February 21st, 2017

I went to a small business seminar because I felt like I was struggling as the CEO of a small business. I have no business degree, and I really had no experience with managing people. I feel like I got myself in over my head, but I have been determined to keep pushing until I learn more. I am not interested in giving up without a fight. You have to try, not give up. One of the things I learned at the seminar is that you must have a dynamic website. I used the folks over at to help me with that. I really hoped that they could do what my own employees had been unable to do, which was to create something that would cause site visitors to want to buy what we offer.

I learned so much at the seminar. Continue Reading »


Great Three Bedroom Apartment Living

February 15th, 2017

Seaside Residences turned out to be a godsend for my wife and I after we learned that my father, who has been in decreasing health for several years, needed around the clock assistance and would thus have to move in with us. He was living in California and considered a nursing home, but I couldn’t allow it as I made a promise to my late mother that I would keep on eye on Dad. That meant we needed to upgrade from our current living arrangements, and we needed to do it in a hurry. A one bedroom apartment with three people wasn’t going to cut it.

We wanted a three bedroom apartment because we knew that Dad would need a lot of medical equipment to keep him going. Continue Reading »


A Nice Outdoor Setting Helped Me to Pick a New Place

January 5th, 2017

I drove past some places that looked interesting enough to live in for the next couple of years while saving for a house. They looked pretty nice, too. Most of the buildings are new and very modern looking. Getting online helped me to see what apartments for rent in Rio Rancho NM go for monthly. I think I expected brand new places that have just been built to be much more expensive, but they weren’t. It made me realize there is no reason to stay in my old, beat up looking building when the cost I’m paying monthly is the same. The thought of getting to move to a nicer place perked me up and made me feel interest in something. I hadn’t felt this way in a long time.

I knew that I could look at all the different places online, so I did that. Continue Reading »


My Daughter Picked out Our Apartment

January 5th, 2017

When I won custody of my daughter, I knew that we were both going to have to make a lot of adjustments. I also knew that we were both willing to do this as this was a long fight that we were both happy to see an end to. I looked at several different apartment complexes, and I was really happy with one over all the others. When I showed my daughter the 2 bedroom Stone Oak apartments, she was so excited. It was really nice seeing her that happy again! I told her to look at all the different floor plans for the two bedroom units, and we would take whichever one she liked the best.

She is 15 years old, so I knew she would like this level of involvement in finding our new home. Continue Reading »


A Unique Wedding Favor for Our Big Day

December 11th, 2016

I wanted a really unique favor for my wedding a few months ago. It was easy selecting the cake, the caterer, the DJ, and even the bouquets. I had a harder time with the wedding favors though because the ones I liked were either expensive or really overdone. One of the things I love to do is garden, and my cousin asked me if I had considered having flower seed packets wedding favors. I was really not sure what that was, so she tried to explain it to me as best as she could.

I knew that I would get a better idea if I just went online and found out more myself, so that is what I did. I was able to find a company that really impressed me too. Continue Reading »


The Perfect House for Our Family

October 30th, 2016

When my husband was given an incredible work opportunity in Palo Alto, we knew that we were going to take it. We already had a buyer interested in our home, so I started looking at Palo Alto homes for sale the same day my husband was given the offer. I knew that I would see the home that was meant for us as soon as I saw it. I thought I would have to go through dozens of homes before finding one I wanted to see in person, but it actually did not take that long. Continue Reading »


The Air Conditioning Broke Down

September 15th, 2016

Of course this would have been a lot more convenient if it had waited another month and a half until the end of summer. However it has not and I am trying to figure out what it will cost to hire someone who does repair on hvac in NYC. I am trying to figure out what happened to my pal Lenny, who used to work in the field. Of course he would have been more than willing to have come and helped me out on the side. That of course means that he would be more than happy to fix my problem so long as we did not involve the IRS in the matter. Of course that is of no relevance to me. Continue Reading »


Manual for Using Ipile Software

September 9th, 2016

I am working on a new project at my job, and it is a type of project that I have not worked on before in my 15 years at this job. In fact, I have not analyzed a problem like this since I was an undergraduate in Civil Engineering, so I am a bit unfamiliar with what I need to do. No matter, I am going to figure it out. First, I need to find a lpile manual that I can use to help me to learn how to use this software to help me with the project.

I am really glad that we have this software, because even if I do not know how to use it yet, learning how to use it is going to be a lot easier for me than it would be to learn how to solve the underlying mathematical problems used in modeling the issue at hand. Continue Reading »


Purchasing New Flooring for My Business Showroom

September 5th, 2016

I’ve owned my own business for the last 20 years. I’ve been in the same location all that time, and the building can definitely use a bit of an upgrade. I can hear the floors making creaking noises when I walk on them, which can be annoying at times, not just for me, but for my customers as well. I know that it’s time for me to upgrade my floors and spruce up the place a bit. My contractor thinks I should buy cork underlayment for the project in order to achieve the best results.

He has pretty much convinced me that this is the way to go. I’ve been told that it’s quite cost effective, not just upon initial purchase, but in terms of the life of the product. Continue Reading »


Dates Are a Great Natural Laxative

August 5th, 2016

The first time I ate a date, I didn’t really care for it. That was when I was a teenager though and wanted mostly sugar and salty treats. As I got older and started to appreciate more fruits, I decided to see what the health benefits of dates are. One of the reasons why I wanted to try them is because I heard that they are really helpful for people who suffer from constipation. That is an embarrassing problem that I don’t share with many people, so I wanted to find out if it was true by looking online.

What I read about dates being equivalent to laxatives was exactly what I found out. Continue Reading »


Getting an Overall Fit Look by Building Up Your Leg Muscles Too

August 5th, 2016

I used to have a gym membership. I kind of got tired of seeing all these guys coming in just to work on their arms. They would have bulging arms, bellies and skinny legs. If they did do some core training and leg training, they almost always had weak and skinny calves. I was taking some time to teach people how to strengthen calves for an overall better physique, but it was a lost cause for many of the casual weightlifters. They just wanted to work on their “guns.” You probably know guys like that. You will see them wearing cutoff tee shirts. They just have to get a tattoo or two to call attention to their arms too. Well, when you see these guys, take a look at their abs and their calves. If they have an overall muscle development that looks proportional, then they are serious about it. Continue Reading »


I Have Been Reading an Underground Paper

June 10th, 2016

I know of course the truth is that a lot of people want to act on their fantasies and not all of them fall into the normal. I was not very surprised when I ran into this ad for a couple looking for female for a threesome in an underground newspaper. Of course they were trying pretty hard to keep their solicitation on the legal side. Of course it is pretty easy for a man to be looking for a threesome with his wife or girlfriend and another woman. That really skips all of the issues a guy like me would have with the concept of a threesome. I would definitely not want to share my girlfriend with another man, but on the other hand I would be very happy to allow my girlfriend to share me with another woman, assuming that she was attractive obviously. It is a double standard, but that is just the sort of guy that I am. Continue Reading »


My Adventures in Home Ownership

May 29th, 2016

For most of my adult life I have rented apartments. I hated renting and I had this crazy, unrealistic idea of what being a home owner would be like. What I somehow didn’t take into consideration was the fact that I would be responsible for all the maintenance and yard work and everything that I took for granted in an apartment because my landlord would take care of it. When my sink got clogged and none of the do it yourself tips worked, I was forced to find someone to do drain unclogging in Hudson County, NJ though when my sink got clogged.

It was one of those things where you don’t realize how bad it is until it’s really bad. I wasn’t washing my dishes as often as I should and I didn’t have a dish washer or a garbage disposal for the first time in my adult life and I wasn’t as good at scraping plates and bowls out into the trash as I should have been. I did try the usual at home drain unclogging products but nothing worked, it would drain very slowly and I would forget about it and then it would happen again the next time. It finally became a problem I couldn’t ignore, right before my first party in my new home. The sink was stopped up worse than ever before and I had to get my dishes cleaned and my kitchen clean before the party. Luckily I was able to find someone to come out and clean my drain right away, thank goodness. I got the name from a neighbor, who recommended them highly. He came and got it cleared up in about 10 minutes. It turns out that it wasn’t just food that was causing the back up, but my niece’s pacifier that she had lost the day after I had moved in. And just in case you’re wondering, my party was a success.


You Have to Make an Effort to Keep Your Relationship Healthy

January 24th, 2016

When people get married, they do not think much about the work that it takes to stay happy in that marriage as the years go by. People are often so happy that it automatically seems that it will always be that way. I am not talking about the first five or so years. I’m talking about being together for 15, 20 or even many more years. It’s up to the couple to do all that they can to make each other happy. That’s why when I learned about Semenax pills recently, that I wanted to buy them and try them out to see if they would add a little spice to our relationship. Continue Reading »


A Marketing Plan to Stay Relevant

January 14th, 2016

A new apartment complex is usually extremely beneficial to a city. It means more people are moving into rather than out of the city. This means more jobs are in the area, which in turn means that more revenue as well as taxes are being generated. It is just an all around good thing, unless you are the owner of an existing apartment complex in the same city. When I found out that a new company was going to start building soon, I went to so I could be better prepared.

I had been thinking about using this service long before I did, but I was not experiencing such competition either. I was the biggest complex, and my ratio of rented versus apartments that sat empty was decent. Continue Reading »


Choosing the Energy Company I Want

November 21st, 2015

When I last lived on my own, I had a nice apartment where I did not have to take care of anything other than my cable TV programming. Then, I got married, and my husband took care of everything. Now I’m single again. I thought it would be like my first apartment, where I only had limited choices, but I discovered that Texans now have the right to choose which company will supply their energy. Since I had no idea which company to choose, I went online to get an education, and that is where I discovered

This website answered all of the questions that I knew I had as well as a few that I didn’t even consider until I started reading the vast amount of information on this site. Continue Reading »


Started Working out Our Monthly Budget

September 23rd, 2015

Jackie and I have figured out most of the details of buying this house, although it has been a bit of an ordeal to be honest. There are all sorts of things that you have to figure out when you are buying a house for the first time. A lot of them involve little hidden costs that you were not counting on to begin with. At the moment we are thinking about our monthly costs and what we can afford and what we have to do with out. Right now we are weighing whether or not an adt security plan is going to be a good value for us, of course it all comes down to what you pay and what you get. They have a pretty nice set up if you are willing to pay for it, especially the smart locks and the ability to talk to people at your front door via smart phone. For example if there’s a UPS man at the front door with a package I can open the door for him and let him sit the box down in the foyer, then lock the door back after he pulls it shut. I am not sure that you really want to do that, since not every guy who wears a UPS uniform is a driver for them. In this case he would most likely not do any wrong since he would know that you have him on video. Since he would be very likely to get caught, that is not the sort of crime that he would be apt to commit. Some criminals are fools, but the ones who are likely end up behind iron bars pretty soon. There is not much profit in doing a crime for which you are nearly certain to be punished for.


Our Libraries Are a Tool to Stamp out Illiteracy

August 20th, 2012

Perth Modernians SocietyThe nations libraries should be used as a training ground for literacy. There is no need for anyone to suffer not knowing how to read or write. It is appalling that there still exists quite a significant number of people in the US who cannot read or write. School systems are pressed more and more to get students through on a time schedule. It does not work that way for every single student. The goal is to catch illiteracy in our children and do something about it. It is always harder to teach an adult something that should be learned in childhood.

It is easy for a child to learn several languages if he or she is exposed to listening to them, speaking them, reading them and writing them from infancy on. Continue Reading »


Why is Literacy Important in Modern Society?

August 20th, 2012

modern societyThere is nothing quite like the satisfaction of slamming shut a newly finished novel. No feeling parallels the pleasure one gets from cracking open a new book. The world of literacy offers so much to mankind that it can often be easy to forget the many reasons literacy is important in modern society. This article offers a quick look at the many reasons literacy affects modern life and why it truly matters!

Literacy provides a means to channel new thoughts with your imagination. When you read a book, you acquire the knowledge to associate your imaginings with new ideas. For example, you may have never thought about what a medieval castle looks like, but a good book can spark some thoughts.

Reading often engages the mind to think ahead. Continue Reading »