A Marketing Plan to Stay Relevant

January 14th, 2016

A new apartment complex is usually extremely beneficial to a city. It means more people are moving into rather than out of the city. This means more jobs are in the area, which in turn means that more revenue as well as taxes are being generated. It is just an all around good thing, unless you are the owner of an existing apartment complex in the same city. When I found out that a new company was going to start building soon, I went to www.multifamilytraffic.com so I could be better prepared.

I had been thinking about using this service long before I did, but I was not experiencing such competition either. I was the biggest complex, and my ratio of rented versus apartments that sat empty was decent. Continue Reading »


Choosing the Energy Company I Want

November 21st, 2015

When I last lived on my own, I had a nice apartment where I did not have to take care of anything other than my cable TV programming. Then, I got married, and my husband took care of everything. Now I’m single again. I thought it would be like my first apartment, where I only had limited choices, but I discovered that Texans now have the right to choose which company will supply their energy. Since I had no idea which company to choose, I went online to get an education, and that is where I discovered Choosetexaspower.org.

This website answered all of the questions that I knew I had as well as a few that I didn’t even consider until I started reading the vast amount of information on this site. Continue Reading »


Started Working out Our Monthly Budget

September 23rd, 2015

Jackie and I have figured out most of the details of buying this house, although it has been a bit of an ordeal to be honest. There are all sorts of things that you have to figure out when you are buying a house for the first time. A lot of them involve little hidden costs that you were not counting on to begin with. At the moment we are thinking about our monthly costs and what we can afford and what we have to do with out. Right now we are weighing whether or not an adt security plan is going to be a good value for us, of course it all comes down to what you pay and what you get. They have a pretty nice set up if you are willing to pay for it, especially the smart locks and the ability to talk to people at your front door via smart phone. For example if there’s a UPS man at the front door with a package I can open the door for him and let him sit the box down in the foyer, then lock the door back after he pulls it shut. I am not sure that you really want to do that, since not every guy who wears a UPS uniform is a driver for them. In this case he would most likely not do any wrong since he would know that you have him on video. Since he would be very likely to get caught, that is not the sort of crime that he would be apt to commit. Some criminals are fools, but the ones who are likely end up behind iron bars pretty soon. There is not much profit in doing a crime for which you are nearly certain to be punished for.


Our Libraries Are a Tool to Stamp out Illiteracy

August 20th, 2012

Perth Modernians SocietyThe nations libraries should be used as a training ground for literacy. There is no need for anyone to suffer not knowing how to read or write. It is appalling that there still exists quite a significant number of people in the US who cannot read or write. School systems are pressed more and more to get students through on a time schedule. It does not work that way for every single student. The goal is to catch illiteracy in our children and do something about it. It is always harder to teach an adult something that should be learned in childhood.

It is easy for a child to learn several languages if he or she is exposed to listening to them, speaking them, reading them and writing them from infancy on. Continue Reading »


Why is Literacy Important in Modern Society?

August 20th, 2012

modern societyThere is nothing quite like the satisfaction of slamming shut a newly finished novel. No feeling parallels the pleasure one gets from cracking open a new book. The world of literacy offers so much to mankind that it can often be easy to forget the many reasons literacy is important in modern society. This article offers a quick look at the many reasons literacy affects modern life and why it truly matters!

Literacy provides a means to channel new thoughts with your imagination. When you read a book, you acquire the knowledge to associate your imaginings with new ideas. For example, you may have never thought about what a medieval castle looks like, but a good book can spark some thoughts.

Reading often engages the mind to think ahead. Continue Reading »